Power Steering Box - Install

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Thanks to Seehuusen on Patrol4x4 forum for donating the following from his old website.

This page only covers fitting the power steering box. Refer to the relevant engine section for fitting the pump, eg SD33 instructions.

First thing first, degrease and clean up the Power Steering unit before putting it on the car. Once that was done, I had to get the steering linkage out of the pitman arm. This is done easiest, by simply hitting the pitman arm repeatedly until it pops out. If you are reusing the steering link, this is the only way to go about it, as hitting the thread will ruin it.

Once that was out, it was a simple matter of pulling my front tyre off, and getting the linkage out of the pitman arm on the car, then remove the steering box from the chassis rail (you will also need to remove the earth wire and the rubber connection between the steering rod and steering box) and off it comes.

Leave the two bottom bolts in the chassis rail as it helps when putting the power-steering box on the rail. Screw in the rods with thread in both ends, the go on the top.

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