GQ Steering Parts Compatibility

Table of Contents

Ball Joints

Compatibility: Unknown

Unknown if they have different size threads, stud the same size?

Compatibility: Not compatible

The GQ uses a single drag link, unlike the MQ. It is too long to use in an MQ.

Pitman arm

Compatibility: Not compatible

The GQ pitman arm is ‘opposite’ to the MQ pitman arm, as the drag link connects from the underside, which makes it ideal for a single drag link conversion. It has a different spline to both the manual and power-assisted steering boxes in the MQ, making it not compatible.

Power Steering Pump

Compatibility: Unknown

Unknown if it is better or can be bolted/adapted to MQ brackets, petrol or diesel?

Steering Box

Compatibility: Extensive Mods Required

The GQ steering box is larger and stronger than the MQ, however it has different mounts. It cannot be connected to the MQ chassis without modifications. This requires new holes drilled and sleeves welded within the MQ chassis.

Steering Column

Compatibility: Unknown

It is unknown whether the GQ steering column can be used in the MQ, although it is presumed it can be. The splines at the steering box end are the same.

Steering Damper

Compatibility: Unknown

Swivel Hubs

Compatibility: (Probably) Compatible

GQ owners occasionally replace with their swivel-hubs with those from an MQ, therefore it should be possible to use GQ swivel-hubs on an MQ. The GQ swivel hubs locate the tie rod behind the diff and lower than the centre, which is why they upgrade to MQ swivels (to move the tie rod to a higher and safer location, basically a cheap hi-steer).

Tie Rod

Compatibility: Not compatible

The GQ tie rod is longer than the MQ.


Compatibility: Compatible

The GQ ‘uni-joint’ that joins the steering column to steering box is beefier than the MQ. The shafts are the same splines which allows the uni-joint to be swapped.