Parts and Upgrades from GQ Patrol

Table of Contents

Many MQ owners often wonder what parts they can use as upgrades from the newer model Patrols, particularly the GQ / Y60. This wiki page congregates the many different pages of this wiki related to the topic.

GQ Body Parts Compatibility
This page covers using the body and other parts (eg bonnet, fenders, windscreen) from the GQ.
GQ Brake Parts Compatibility
Covers the differences in GQ and GU brakes, and discusses the possibilty of using them for upgrades.
GQ Diff Compatibility
Covers using the GQ diffs, and/or components from those diffs.
Diff Info
Covers the specs of MQ and GQ diffs, so you can compare them and their differences (useful if you want to use a GQ locker).
GQ Gearbox Compatibility
Covers the possibilty of using a GQ gearbox and/or transfer in an MQ.
GQ Interior Parts Compatibility
Covers using seats and other interior components in the MQ.
GQ Steering Parts Compatibility
Covers using the drag link and other components from the GQ.
All Engines Starter Motor Info
This page has all the information regarding MQ and GQ starter motors.