Replacement Seats

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Potential Problems

Existing mounts not level

The outside of an MQ seat base is thicker than the inside, due to the transmission tunnel height. If you plan to use the existing rails, you will need to ‘make up’ the difference.This could be achieved using some square/rectangle tube between the seat and rail.

The photos below show the problem. The first picture shows how the outside edge (right) is thicker, and what a VN commodore seat base looks like on the MQ rails.

Steering wheel to seat distance

Some seats are so thick that the distance between the seat and stearing wheel becomes too hard to squeeze between (and potentially nut-breaking when offroad!). This can be observed with the commodore seat picture above. Appropriately modified mounts, or different seats could alleviate this problem.

Seat Options

Retrim Factory Seats

An often overlooked optioned, the factory seats could be retrimmed and extra padding added by the trimmer. This can be a bit costly, often $800+ for the pair, but could be a very easy and rewarding option.

Fit Factory Suspension Seats

Whilst moderately hard to find, some MQ were fitted with suspensions seats. These are reported to be quite effective when offroad.

Seats From Other Cars


Aftermarket Seats


How To Fit Seats

Each juristiction may have different rules and regulations to follow when fitting seats, including what is allowable and if engineering permits are required. One such publication in Australia is the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification (VSB 14). VSB 14: The relevant section:

Some rules to follow include not using anything but steel spacers (ie no timber), and M8 8.8 bolts.