GQ Interior Parts Compatibility

Table of Contents

The GQ (Y60 series) body has many similarities with the MQ, as it is basically an upgrade of the MQ. This results in many parts being compatible between both models. Unfortunately, the main body structure of the Y60 will not bolt onto an MQ chassis, as the chassis’ are different widths, which results in the body mounts being in the wrong location.


Compatibility: Unknown

Heater / Air-con Unit

Compatibility: Unknown

If the firewall, transmission hump and dash were all similar, then presume this would work.

Steering Column ‘Accessories’

Compatibility: Unknown

Steering column and attachments (steering wheel, indicator combo stalk, key barrel).

Interior Carpets

Compatibility: Mods Required

Depending on the attachment method, these may be adapted with minimal effort. It would be wise to measure and research thoroughly before purchasing.


Compatibility: Unknown

There are many seats available;

  • Front Buckets: Presume compatible.

  • Front Bench: Unknown.

  • SWB Rear 45 seats: Unknown.

  • LWB Rear: Unknown.

  • LWB 7th Seats: Unknown.