GQ Gearbox Compatibility

Table of Contents

None of this info is confirmed, it is based on semi-educated guesses.

  • The gearbox and transfer are 1 unit in the GQ. They are a lot bigger (width and length) than the MQ and may not fit without trans tunnel modifications.
  • The rear output is central on the gearbox (MQ rear diff is offset).
  • The bolt holes on the flange plates and driveshafts are spaced further on the GQ.
  • The GQ has a different bellhousing to the MQ (very unsure, but possibly).

If the motor were connected to the gearbox and put onto an MQ chassis, the mounts would not line up.

The sticks should come through the floor at a decent location as the GQ body is very similar to the MQ.

It is unknown if any of the MQ and GQ hydraulic clutch systems are compatible.