Driveline Component Positions

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Manual Gearboxes

The following information is in relation to the manual 4 and 5 speed gearbox with the attached transfer case (T130 model). This is the standard configuration for the majority of MQ and MK vehicles.

LWB vehicles with the L28 engine used a divorced/seperate transfer case.

Please refer to the ‘automatic’ section of this page for additional information.

Diagramatic Representation

The following picture is not to scale, nor are the locations ‘correct’. They are to help you visualise the differences only.

Gearbox & Transfer

L28 has a single part bellhousing. SD33 has a 2 part bellhousing (a ‘ring’ between the engine and bellhousing, then the bellhousing itself).

The engine bolt patterns (and hence the bellhousings) are different. The bellhousing to gearbox bolt pattern is the same, and hence the bellhousings are interchangable (between gearboxes).

L28 gearboxes (4 and 5 speed) have a 210mm long input shaft. SD33 4 speed gearbox has a 185mm long input shaft. SD33 5 speed gearbox has a 195mm long input shaft. All gearboxes have the same splines, 24 of them and 25.5mm OD. The input shafts are interchangable between gearboxes.

The L28 motor is shorter than the SD33. This moves the gearbox forwards in relation to the firewall. The SD33 motor is longer than the l28. This moves the gearbox backwards in relation to the firewall.

The motors have different engine mounts, which are in different positions along the chassis. The transfer cases have the same mounts, but they are in different positions along the chassis.

The gearsticks of both engines come through the floor in the same position. To achieve this, different top plates are used. The L28 gearsticks are at the back of the gearbox. The SD33 gearsticks are at the front of the gearbox. The top plates are interchangable.

The 5 speed gearbox is an ‘upgrade’ of the 4 speed box. The 5th gear is located within an extension housing that is between the gearbox and transfer. The extension housing is 100mm long, which moves the transfer case and its mounts 100mm further to the rear of the vehicle.

P40 is the same as SD33.


All body shapes (ie LWB, SWB and UTE) and their chassis’ are the same from the front of the vehicle to the end of the front doors. Hence, the front diff is always in the same position in relation to the front of the front of the vehicle. This means the engine and gearbox mounts (for each individual combination) will be in the same position in all vehicles (ie. L28 and 4 speed from SWB will bolt into LWB).

The different engine and gearbox combinations result in different front drive-shaft lengths. The different engine and gearbox combinations, as well as the body type/length, results in different rear drive-shaft lengths. Refer to the Factory Driveshaft Lengths wiki page for additional information.


Refer to the wiki page on Clutches.

Automatic Gearbox

An automatic gearbox was only available in LWB vehicles with the L28 motor only. This was accompanied by the divorced/seperate transfer case, the T100 model. A small drive-shaft connected the gearbox to the transfer case. 2 unique crossmember (presumably both bolt-in) accompainied this model, one to support the end of the gearbox and the other to support the transfer case.