Power Steering Pump - Install

Table of Contents

Thanks to Seehuusen on Patrol4x4 forum for donating the following from his old website.

This page only covers fitting the power steering pump to the SD33 engine. You may also want to refer to Power Steering Pump Parts and Power Steering Box Install wiki pages.


  • Put the power steering bracket on (mine was still assembled to the pump, but I pulled it apart to make it easier to install.
  • Bolt the pump up to it’s bracket.
  • The SD33 with no power steering uses a different pulley as you can see. The pulley only supports two fan belts to the alternator, so this has to be changed. In order to do that, you’ll need to remove the shroud on the radiator and also the fan and viscous coupling.
  • The bracket to adjust the tightness of the power steering fan belt is also required. The original one doesn’t serve any other purpose than being a lifting point.
  • Single fan belt to the alternator, over the water pump. Single fan belt to the power steering pump over the water pump.