Boost Gauge

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Tee-ing off the wastegate hose is the simplest method, but will not show exactly what is going into the engine (as the pressure drops through lengths of piping and intercoolers etc).

Therefore, a reading closer to the engine is preferred. This can be achieved by tapping the L bend manifold near the pressure relief valve.

However, if the engine will be boosted above the factory 6psi, the relief valve will open and bleed off the extra boost (above 6psi). The relief valve will need to be removed to achieve full boost, leaving a threaded hole that the boost gauge could be connected to with some adapters/reducers (ie check your local plumbing store).

If the vehicle is fitted with an intercooler, the boost gauge should still be fitted as close to the engine as possible. For extra information, you may like to fit a second boost gauge as close to the turbo as possible (ie the wastegate hose). This will allow you to identify the pressure drop through your system.