L28 General Info

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The L28 is probably the most common engine found in MQ Patrols. The Nissan L series engine was created in the early 70’s, being available in cars such as the 240Z. The version available in the MQ Patrols is a 2.8 litre straight 6, fueled by a 2-barrel carburetter.

It produced 118 HP / 88 kW power @ 4800rpm (DIN) and 147 ft-lb / 200 Nm torque @ 3200rpm (DIN).+

The following infomation was found on another website. It may not be accurate!

Ignition data

    Ignition system type: CB
    Ignition coil make/type: Lu/DLB102
    Supply voltage: 12 - Volts without ballast resistor
    Primary resistance: 1.28-1.56 Ohms
    Secondary resistance: 7230-9780 Ohms
    Distributor make/type: Hit/D609-62
    Contact breaker gap/air: 0.5 mm
    Dwell angle: 35-41 Deg
    Ignition Timing - unleaded: 8/650 [-1983=10/650] Deg eng/rpm (without vacuum)
    Ignition Timing - leaded: 8/650 [-1983=10/650] Deg eng/rpm (without vacuum)
    Timing mark location: Pulley
    No 1 plug location: Pulley
    Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4
    Spark plug make: NGK
    Spark plug type: BPR6ES
    Electrode gap: 0.85 mm

Fuel System

    Fuel type: L/U
    Fuel pump type/pressure: Mech/0.23-0.29 bar
    Engine idle speed: 650 rpm
    Fast idle speed: n / a rpm
    CO level at idle speed: 1.0 [-1983=2.0] Vol %

Engine Data

    2753 cc, 1982-89, Engine Code L28,

    Valve clearance - inlet: 0.25 h mm (hot)
    Valve clearance - exhaust: 0.30 h mm (hot)
    Compression pressure: 9-12 bar
    Oil pressure: n / a bar/eng/rpm
    Radiator pressure cap: 0.9 bar/type
    Drive belt 1 - size: 12.5-875 KEB875 mm/type
    Drive belt 2 - size: 12.5x1125KEB112 mm/type

Electrical System

    Alternator output: 40/2500 Amps/eng/rpm
    Regulated output: 13.8-14.8 Volts
    Battery: 12/65 V/Ah
    Starter motor make/type: Lu/LRS395

Other data

    Clutch operation type: Hyd
    Clutch adjustment: 10-15/Pedel mm
    Cambelt failure: n / a
    Cambelt Part Number: n / a
    Tyre pressures: 2.0(28)f 2.0(28)r bar (psi)