Basics of the MQ Electrical Systems

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Both petrol engines (L28 and P40) were 12 volt vehicles, for the entire model history. The SD33 available in MQ’s was 24 volt only. The SD33 and SD33-T available in MK’s was 12 volt. It is unknown if 24 volt vehicles were made during the MK, but is possible. NOTE- Own a MK SAFARI which is a direct import from Japan to NZ and is 24VOLT. Most SAFARIS that were imported from Japan 2nd hand into NZ came out in 24VOLT. Only NZ New Patrols are generally 12VOLT NOTE- In Europe most MK’s are 24V

All configurations shared a common layout. The engine bay wiring loom is part of the main cabin wiring loom. The rear wiring loom (tail lights, fuel tank etc) connects to the main loom under the drivers seat (RH side in Aus). The air-con is a separate loom, which connects to the main loom under the dash.

Various upgrades occurred to the vehicles electronics over the years. These included the diesel fuel filter warning light and rear windscreen wiper. When swapping looms between vehicles of dissimilar years and configuration, adequate research should be performed to ensure a smooth transition. If problems do arise, the simple nature of the MQ’s electronics makes modifications/adjustments easy.