Front Diff Rebuild - Stage 4 (Diff Centre)

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This wiki page is part of a ‘series’ on rebuilding the front diff. It continues on from Stage 1 (Wheel Bearings), Stage 2 (Swivel Hubs) and Stage 3 (CV).

This guide is not exhaustive and should be read in conjunction with the relevant section of the Service Manuals such as MQ Service Manual (1980) - Chapter 14 - Front Axle.


  1. It is necessary to withdraw both axles from the diff centre. Refer to Stage 3 (CV).
  2. Remove the diff centre drain plug and drain the old oil.
    Whenever draining diff or gearbox oil, it is advisable to check that the fill plug can be removed before draining the oil. If you drain the oil and later find that the fill plug is seized and cannot be removed, you will be in trouble.
  3. Remove the diff breather hose (2 hose clamps, one on the diff cover, other on the axle tube).
  4. Remove the diff cover (~10 bolts).
  5. If you intend to replace the pinion seal, remove the driveshaft (4 bolts).
  6. Remove the left and right bearing caps (2 bolts each). When installing the caps, they must be installed the same way they were removed. So label the left and right caps, and the inner and outer faces, before proceeding.
  7. Remove the left and right bearings and shims. Again, remember the order and orientation.
  8. Remove the diff centre by manoeuvring it carefully from the housing.
  9. Remove the large nut holding the flange for the driveshaft to pinion.
  10. Withdraw the pinion.

Replace & Repair

This section is unfinished. Refer to the service manuals for the time being…


This section is unfinished. Refer to the service manuals for the time being…