Front Diff Rebuild - Stage 3 (CV)

Table of Contents

This wiki page is part of a ‘series’ on rebuilding the front diff. It continues on from Stage 1 (Wheel Bearings) and Stage 2 (Swivel Hubs). Also see Stage 4 (Diff Centre).

This guide is not exhaustive and should be read in conjunction with the relevant section of the Service Manuals such as MQ Service Manual (1980) - Chapter 14 - Front Axle.

It is possible to upgrade the CV’s with the version from the GQ Patrol. Please refer to wiki page GQ CV Conversion.


  1. Gain access to the CV by removing sufficient parts from Stage 1 (Wheel Bearings) and Stage 2 (Swivel Hubs).
    There are 2 ‘methods’ to achieving this;
    • Remove the floating hub assembly and stub axle from the face of the swivel hub. This will require re-adjusting the wheel bearings.
    • Remove the king-pins, wiper seals and tie rod for the swivel hub, and remove it (with floating hub etc still attached) as one component.
  2. Carefully withdraw the CV and axle assembly.

Replace & Repair

The CV is restrained on the axle by 2 c-clips. One stops the CV sliding too far down the axle, the other stops the CV sliding off the axle. The latter clip can be considered ‘disposable’ as it is often damaged when removing the CV. New CV’s are usually supplied with a replacement c-clip.

There are many methods to remove the CV from the axle, but the easiest is the pipe trick, as seen on youtube: Similarily, you can also use something like an angle to achieve the same results.

It can be rather difficult to remove the CV from the axle if it is clipped on, especially if you are attempting an ‘emergency’ replacement in the bush. It is possible to leave the clip off the end of the axle, so the CV can be removed by hand. This can cause another problem though, as the axle can now move further towards the diff centre. This can cause the raised surface of the axle to loose contact with the centre seal, causing the diff oil to leak into the axle tubes and out through the knuckle seals, which can wash away the CV grease. To remedy this, the axle can be martac’d. A word of warning, if you martac an axle and later change your diff centre (ie to a locker), the martac may be in the wrong location and cause more problems.

Generously pack the CV with grease prior to attaching to the axle. If you are using the c-clip, put it on the axle and then push the CV onto the axle, over the top of the clip (causing it to compress within the groove).


  1. Carefully insert the axle and CV assembly into the diff housing. Gently manoeuvre the axle so that it slides through the inner diff seal and into the diff centre. Using too much force can damage the diff seal. Pressing down on the CV will ‘lever’ the end of the axle up, helping to get it through the centre.
  2. Re-assemble the components removed from Stage 2 (Swivel Hubs) and Stage 1 (Wheel Bearings).