Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

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The following information and pictures were supplied by Patrol4x4 user nemo355 in this thread:

More information can be found in the Service Manuals, in particular MQ Service Manual (1980) - Chapter 15 - Rear Axle

I had a rear wheel bearing whinning for a little while now, had the axle out a while ago and degreased it and pushed new grease in with compressed air. got new bearings yesterday and fitted 1 to the noisey LH axle today.

Thought I would share some pics of how I got the bearing and housing pressed off that any one can do at home, I only have a small 6 tonn press so there was no way I was going to get a axle in it.

First I knocked out 2 studs, it was tight fit to get them out between the axle and housing. Then I found 2 bolts to put through the holes and used a spacer and nut. then as you do up the nut and bolt it will push the housing away from the axle.

My bolts didnt have long enough threads to do it in one go, so some extra spacers were added. Old bearing off. New bearing in.

This bearing came off easier than I expected, If it had been more stubborn I would of removed 4 studs and used 4 bolts to prevent putting to much pressure in one area of the housing and possibly snapping it around the bolt hole.