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For the different engine, body and transmission combinations, Nissan used different ratios. For the MQ ‘era’ of vehicles (ie not MK), the standard ratio for any vehicle can be found in the Service Manuals, specifically MQ Service Manual (1980) Chapter 01 - General Information - GI-06 and Chapter 13 - Prop-Shaft & Diff - PD-34.

With the release of the MK, Nissan used different ratios, but did not update the relevant section(s) of the service manual. A table has been sourced from a Nissan dealer though, which does show the ratios. See: http://www.patrol4x4.com/forum/nissan-patrol-mq-mk-12/diff-gearbox-ratios-34049/

The following table is a combination of the service manual chapters above, and the table provided by Jelmer160. PS- T130A is the normal attached transfer, T100L is the rarer divorced transfer.

Model Engine Body Length Body Variant Gearbox Transfer Front Diff Rear Diff Ratio Notes
MQ L28 SWB Hardtop 4spd T130A 4.375 *1      
LWB Ute 4spd T100L 4.875 *2      
All Others 4spd T130A 4.625      
4spd T100L 4.625      
Auto T100L 4.625      
P40 SWB Hardtop 4spd & T130A 3.364 *3          
SWB Highroof          
3.900 *4          
LWB Van 3.900 *5          
LWB Wagon          
All Others 4.111          
SD33 ? ? ?          
? ? ?          
? ? ?          
? ? ?          
All Others All Others 4.625          

*1, *3: ROW, excludes Australia. C200+C200 combination.

*2, *4: Middle East only. C200+H233 combination.

*5: ROW, excludes Australia. C200+H233 combination.