GU Lock Ring Conversion - Parts Required

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The Problem

MQ uses 2 large nuts with a thin-flat washer in between, The washer has grooves to keep it in position, and is folded over the nuts to keep them captive. Unfortunately, it often fails, and either the tabs are ripped out of the grooves, or the folds un-fold. This allows the nuts to loosen, and eventually you get bad wheel shakes.

The Solution

GU Patrols use 1 nut, with threaded holes in its circumfrence. The tabbed-locking washer is much thicker, also with holes in its circumfrence. Once the wheel bearings are torqued, small screws are used to connect the washer and nut together, locking the nut in position. As long as the screws remain in place (maybe with a bit of locktight to help), the wheel bearings should stay nice and tight.

Parts Needed

These are the part numbers required if you want to buy brand new from Nissan.

Part Nissan Part Number ~ Price (AUD 2010) Quantity Needed
Lock Nut 40262-02J10 $11.61 each 2
Lock Washer 40264-02J10 $8.12 each 2
Screws 01414-00051 ~$4 each 4


Refer to the ‘How To’ wiki page for detailed instructions with pictures.