GQ CV Conversion

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  • A standard GQ (Y60) CV is considered stronger than a standard MQ CV.

  • The GQ CV is slightly larger than an MQ CV, though it is small enough to fit inside both the MQ diff knuckle and stub-axle.

  • The spline from CV to axle is the same on both GQ and MQ.

  • The spline from CV to hub is larger on the GQ.

  • Manual hubs from a GQ (with their larger splines) are interchangeable with MQ hubs.
    Technically, the drive clutch ring is the only piece that needs swapping. The switch housings are the same.
    Aftermarket GQ hubs are considered to be weak. GQ owners recommend the factory Nissan hubs be used.

  • Automatic hubs from a GQ are considered to be weak, and GQ owners often upgrade to manual hubs. It is not advisable to use automatic hubs for this conversion. Compatibility is unknown, but presumed okay.

Parts Required

To do the conversion, you will require the following parts (recommended);

  • Standard GQ CV, these can be purchased new from eBay for ~$50 AUS each.

  • Nissan GQ manual hubs. The majority of a GQ manual hub is the same as an MQ hub, it is only the ‘drive clutch’ ring that differs. New from Nissan, the complete hubs cost $800+ and the clutch rings on their own cost $300+, therefore it is advisable to source some second-hand hubs. They can be hard to locate though, as they are also sought after by GQ owners.


The method to swap a CV is explained on the following wiki page: Front Diff Rebuild - Stage 3 (CV).

In addition, the following also needs to be considered.

  • There is a c-clip on the end of the axle that retains the CV, this should be left off. Often the GQ CV + MQ axle length is slightly different to MQ CV + MQ axle, and this may cause the steering to bind. Leaving the end c-clip off will allow the axle to slide in/out more. This does have some downfalls though, which are discussed in the ‘Replace & Repair’ section on the Front Diff Rebuild - Stage 3 (CV) page.

  • When putting the GQ hub-clutch engagement ring onto the end of the CV, the c-clip cannot be used to retain it any more as the groove in the GQ CV does not line up correctly. This should not cause any problems.