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  • All MQ’s had a salisbury style diff at the front, known as the C200.

  • Australian MQ’s had a banjo style diff at the rear, known as the H233. It is possible (though un-confirmed) that MK’s had a slightly different version, the H233B.

  • Some MQ’s featured a heavy duty banjo rear diff, known as the H260.

  • In countries other than Australia, the MQ’s often feature a C200 in the rear, instead of H233/H260.

  • LSD were available from factory for all 3 versions of the rear differential.

  • The most common ratios in MQ Patrols were 4.3 and 4.6, with some 4.1 and 4.8 also being released.


Model Style Spline Ring Ring Bolt Notes
# OD ID # Size PCD
C200 Salisbury. Cover plate with 8x??mm bolts 29 30.4mm (1.20'') 200mm 128mm 10 12mm 150mm Standard 160/MQ & 260 Patrol front diff. Sometimes used in the rear of MQ's (not Australia). R200A in other Nissans have the same internals.
(aka H233B v1)
Banjo. 3rd member with 9x12mm bolts. 31 32.0mm (1.26'') 233mm 146mm 9 10mm 180mm Standard 160/MQ rear in Australia. This model was revised by Nissan sometime between 1986 and 1989 ((source)[http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/31733-92-hb-truck-donor-organs/#entry598454]), creating the H233B v2 diff below.
H233B (v2) Banjo. 3rd member with 11x12mm studs. 31 32.0mm (1.26'') 233mm 146mm 9 12mm 176mm The 3rd member is longer than H233 (pinion ~4cm longer). Apparently carriers are 2-pinion, 1-piece units. Possibly used in rear of MK (unconfirmed). Used in the front of GQ (Y60) and GU (Y61) Patrols with reverse cut ring and pinion.
33 33.3mm (1.31'') 233mm 146mm 9 12mm 176mm Apparently carriers are 4-pinion, 2-piece units. Used in the rear of GQ (Y60) and GU (Y61) and 260 Patrols.
H260 Banjo. 3rd member with ??x??mm bolts. 37 38.4mm (1.51'') 260mm ?mm ? ?mm ?mm Heavy duty rear diff of most model Patrols.


This image shows a C200 front and H260 rear diff, for size comparison. This image shows ARB air lockers for H260 (left), H233 (middle), and C200 (right).