GQ Brake Parts Compatibility

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GQ Patrols share a similar brake system to the MQ. This page aims to identify all the components and explain their similarities/differences.

Front Brake Calipers

Single Piston

Compatibility: Most parts are interchangable.

The majority of GQ and MQ use the same single-piston sliding calipers, and as such use the same brake pads. The complete caliper is not a direct swap though, as the ‘cages’ have different offsets to suit the different swivel hubs. The cages can be swapped though, so the ‘working-parts’ are compatible.

Front Brake Pads

Compatibility: Compatible

Due to the calipers being identical, the brake pads are also identical.

Front Brake Discs

Compatibility: Compatible

These are the same size, thickness, and have the same bolt pattern to the swivel hub.

Multiple Piston

Compatibility: (Probably) Not Compatible

The twin piston calipers (and rotor?) from a GQ/GU Patrol can be swapped with the single piston calipers also from a GQ. Because of the caliper cage offset difference mentioned above, the twin piston calipers will likely not fit correctly on MQ, but could easily be corrected.

The following thread contains some information on the swap with regards to a GQ:…

Four piston calipers are available on some GU Patrols. These can be swapped with the GU twin piston calipers. From this, we can assume they would have the same problems if attempted to fit to a MQ.

Rear Brakes

Drum Rear

Some GQ feature drum disk on the rear. It is unknown if these are the same as MQ units. According to the following thread, the GQ disc brake rear end cannot be swapped onto the GQ drum brake diff. The whole diff needed changing.

Disc Rear

Compatibility: Not Compatible

Many GQ feature disc brakes on the rear, whereas the MQ are drum. The parts are not easily swapped (ie they are NOT a bolt-on proposition). Refer to the rear disc brake conversion wiki page for more info.

Master Cylinder

Compatibility: Compatible

The GQ master cylinder has a bigger bore than its MQ counterparts (24.5mm vs 23.1mm). It also features different outlet locations and reservoir bottle. Regardless of these difference, it bolts onto the MQ with only the simplest of mods, and provides better performance at the same time. It is a worth-while upgrade.

Brake Booster

Compatibility: Mods Required to Fit

The GQ master cylinder is a dual-servo type, providing better braking feel/performance. It is also a smaller diameter than the MQ counterpart, but is longer (from the firewall). It can be adapted easily into the MQ, however the master cylinder may hit the battery tray. This could require a notch to be cut in the tray.

jclures on Patrol4x4 has done the conversion, and provided the following information.

It was not difficult to fit, the four mounting bolts on the GQ booster had to be shortened and the actuator rod also had to be shortened as well, but neither was a problem. It only just fits in my Nissan as I have relocated the battery carrier, but it should not be a problem to fit in any other Nissan MQ/MK.

See the thread for a full discussion:


Compatibility: Unlikely Compatible

Both models feature mechanically operated drum brakes fitted to the rear of the transfer cases, which work as the hand brake. Due to each model using different driveline components, it is unlikely that the parts are interchangable. Handbrakes cables may be compatible, however GQ is likely longer (due to a longer gearbox+transfer assembly). It is unknown if the pads and drum itself are the same.