GQ Body Parts Compatibility

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The GQ (Y60 series) body has many similarities with the MQ, as it is basically an upgrade of the MQ. This results in many parts being compatible between both models. This page aims to identify all the components and explain their similarities/differences.

Body Shells

Compatibility: Extensive Mods Required

The GQ body are similar size to MQ bodies (length, width and height). The chassis are vastly different though, in order to accommodate coil spring suspension and different drivelines. This means the body to chassis connections are in different locations, therefore they will not bolt directly to an MQ chassis.

Front and Rear Bars

Compatibility: Mods Required

The GQ chassis are different width. The bars will not bolt up without mods (attachment tabs could be cut-off and welded on in the correct locations).


Compatibility: Compatible

The bonnets have the same overall size. The GQ bonnet have different window washer nozzles (2 compared to 1), but these could easily be catered for. It has been confirmed that the bonnet hinges are different, but does this effect the bonnet to hinge bolts?

Front Panels

Compatibility: Compatible

The GQ fenders will bolt onto an MQ, however they will not align with the MQ or MK grille, as the GQ has integrated indicators. Therefore the GQ grille would also need to be used, however they only have 7” round lights, making the conversion harder for MK. It is unknown if the hole for the 7” lights in the GQ grille line up with the MQ lights. Further to this, the GQ grille does not have a steel panel below it like the MQ, so this would need removing. FYI, The steel panel between the windscreen and bonnet are not compatible. the wiperblades are further apart on the gq.

Also refer to GQ Front Bodywork Swap


Compatibility: Compatible

The GQ windscreen is exactly the same size and is possible to interchange, including the rubber seal.

Front Doors

Compatibility: Compatible

The GQ doors are the same shape externally, however they have side-intrusion bracing within the door. Minor add-on parts such as weather seals and locks are compatible between both.

Front Door Glass

Compatibility: Compatible

The GQ has a style of window that covers the whole opening, unlike the MQ that has the triangle quarter vent. All the associated parts from a GQ door (winder, glass, winder, runner channels etc) will bolt into an MQ door.

Front Door Mirrors

Compatibility: Mods Required

Due to the different window designs, GQ have different mirror designs than MQ. There are 2 common designs, one that bolts into the corner of the window, the other has 2 bolts to the door. The GQ door mounted mirrors have different bolt centres compared to MQ. The difference however is only a few mm, so the holes in the mirror can be slotted.

Electric Window Winders

Compatibility: Unknown

One would presume these are compatible, as the doors share the same dimensions.

LWB Back Doors

Compatibility: Unknown

Not the rear barn doors, but the doors for the rear passengers. There may be some difference in shape around the rear wheel well (or bulges added for flares). Even if the doors are different shape, are the handles, windows and weather seals compatible?

LWB Side Windows

Compatibility: Compatible

The ones in the cargo area interchangeable (source).

SWB Canopy Side Windows

Compatibility: NOT Compatible

GQ are a different size.

Rear Barn Doors

Compatibility: Unlikely Compatible

The following is applicable to MQ LWB vans only, as LWB wagons have tailgates. MQ vans have a ‘60-40’ split rear door, whereas GQ are ‘50-50’. This means that locks and latches on the body will be in different spots. It is unknown if the hinges are the same or compatible. It is unknown if the overall height and width of the door opening are the same. If you intend to use GQ doors on your MQ, you should make extensive measurements before committing yourself!

Rear Windscreens

Compatibility: NOT Compatible

All GQ have barn doors, so the rear windscreens are not same as MQ’s tailgate versions. This excludes MQ LWB vans, as these have barn doors. Due to the different ‘split’ sizes, it is highly unlikely the windows are the same size.

Roof Racks

Compatibility: Possible

Presume LWB are compatible, as they simply fit to the gutters. Presume SWB are not compatible, as the GQ rear canopy is part of the body (hence the steel gutters are continuous).

Head Lights

Compatibility: Possible

GQ have standard 7” headlights, so these should be compatible with MQ only.

Tail Lights

Compatibility: NOT Compatible

This is not confirmed, however the GQ probably have wider rear guards, making the lights different shapes, hence they will not fit into the MQ hole very well.